Meeta #futureshaper: Izzy White

Meet a #futureshaper: Izzy White

“I strongly encourage any other young females who share similar interests in areas like electronics or general technology to pursue a career in the security industry and with Honeywell.”

Meet Izzy – an Apprentice at Honeywell Building Technologies.

Izzy White has always been interested in technology and electronics, and from a very young age she was inspired to build a strong career in the tech field.

From Queanbeyan NSW, Izzy is based in Canberra and is completing a Cert III in Electronics and Technology. She joined the Honeywell Apprenticeship Program this year, working on various sites to upgrade security systems and has settled into her role and team very quickly and adding extraordinary value to the business.

A curious individual who prides herself as being both a visual and technical thinker, Izzy is a team player who loves to learn and work with likeminded people.

Throughout high school Izzy was determined to find a full-time career in the tech industry, “whether that be ICT, graphic or interface design, or programming.” Figuring out what path to go down can be an overwhelming experience for graduates. Izzy was drawn to Honeywell’s Apprenticeship Program and the ability it gave her to work both hands-on and computed based. An apprenticeship in Electronics and Technology was “a perfect fit.”

Izzy’s days are varied – she is either at the office to complete work from her desktop, travelling to meet a technician on site to “complete tasks like maintenance” or heading out for “smaller call-outs for technical assistance with our security systems.” She finds it most exciting when she is involved in “site drawings” and assisting “technicians with their maintenance and commissioning work.”

When she’s not at work she enjoys playing video games, spending time with close friends and her two dogs.

As a woman in a male dominated industry, Izzy was initially overwhelmed to start as the only female apprentice amongst her branch but found it “increasingly easy to grow comfortable with everyone” she worked with. She did not feel that she was “treated any different to anyone else, making the team much easier to grow into.”

Izzy feels empowered by her work and passions, and the way she can share her ideas and represent her interests with the support from colleagues and Honeywell.

“Since the start of my experience with Honeywell, I have enjoyed transitioning into the team and beginning the learning process of my apprenticeship. Honeywell has provided a lot of support to help me start this journey and I am highly appreciative of this, making every step of my new career easy, comfortable, and successful.

Izzy “strongly encourages any other young females who share similar interests in areas like electronics or general technology to pursue a career in the security industry or with Honeywell as a company. The opportunities that are given solely by Honeywell are extremely valuable and would undoubtedly support any other paths within these industries to suit any needs for a successful full-time career.”

Her career has only just begun but she is eager to complete her apprenticeship and gain her security licenses to become a qualified technician.

Izzy is focused on building her career with Honeywell and is ready for “whatever the future brings.”