Meeta Honeywell MEGT Apprentice

Meet a Honeywell MEGT Apprentice

Meet MEGT apprentice Jarom Mana Haines, Jarom is currently completing a Cert III in Electronics and Communications and commenced his apprenticeship with Honeywell in July 2018.

Jarom is a proud Gomeroi, Tahitian/Cook Island man. The traditional lands of the Gomeroi people, also known as Gamilaraay, extend from New South Wales to southern Queensland. They form one of the four largest Indigenous nations in Australia.

When asked what reconciliation meant to Jarom as a Gomeroi man, he stated “I would consider it a priority in today’s society. We need to continue educating ourselves on Indigenous matters so that Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples can walk together. There are many things we could be doing to get the message out there. Creating culturally inclusive work environments is one way but getting out into the community and establishing relationships, hanging local artwork on our office walls can assist in creating a welcoming environment. As well as creating opportunities for our mob when the occasion arises. This is where Reconciliation Action Plans are important, especially for an organisation as big as Honeywell. This demonstrates a genuine commitment to reconciliation because there is no point talking about it unless you are willing to do something about it.”

When asked why Jarom decided to apply for a position with Honeywell he stated “I saw the advertisement and contacted my Uncle, he is currently studying at University in New Zealand. My Uncle had good things to say about Honeywell and told me that it would be a great company to work for”. Jarom was additionally encouraged by the many benefits that accompanied this role.

Based in Newcastle, Jarom considers himself a lucky man to work with the Honeywell team, describing them as “very multicultural, supportive and understanding. They are good people and know what it is like to be an apprentice, they are always willing to help.” Jarom is a hard-working individual and is willing to put in additional hours because he recognises the benefits this can have to further develop him as an apprentice. He also enjoys the theoretical side of his apprenticeship and states that he has a supportive TAFE teacher that often uses workplace scenarios to assist with learning.

Jarom plays a lot of sport and welcomes the opportunity to take on a job where he can use his “brain as opposed to his body.” He describes his day to day job as a general technician – servicing, monitoring and repairing Honeywell devices and networks to keep the site running smoothly. A friendly demeanour, good people skills and communication are all personal qualities Jarom recommends as being required for this position, along with the ability to work autonomously as well as part of a team. “This job is about working smarter, not harder” which he considers a positive aspect to the role. When asked what advice he would give to someone applying for a Honeywell apprenticeship, he simply replied “Just go for it!!!”