Meeta #futureshaper: Harrison Chandler

Meet a #futureshaper: Harrison Chandler

Harrison Chandler is currently competing a certificate III in Electronics and Communications through Honeywell’s Apprentice Program.

Born and raised on Ngunnawal land, Harrison’s mob are the Barunggam from Queensland.

Honeywell’s “commitment to diversity” is what drew Harrison to the program. It is “fascinating how Honeywell have been able to operate as a business for over one hundred years.” He believes that this “shows an intimate understanding of the market and a constant desire to innovate.”

His hobbies outside of engineering include playing video games and catching up with mates.

Based in Canberra but often working at a variety of sites, Harrison describes his greatest attributes as his “versatility and resilience.” A day on the job entails shadowing fully qualified technicians, learning, and absorbing “as much knowledge” as he can from his team. Harrison performs tasks such as preventative maintenance – maintaining systems before they become un-operational.

“System upgrades” have been the most exciting aspect of the program to Harrison, as he is able to “get involved with the early stages of what will eventually grow into a big part of the site’s security systems” – the “work itself is interesting and engaging.”

He has “received an overwhelming amount of support from all” his peers and has had a great experience with the program.

Reconciliation to Harrison is “the acknowledgement of past inequalities and a dedicated effort to rectify the impact of past events.”

It is important to Harrison that he works for an organization that has a RAP because “the program helps to change the country and the world for the better.” “Working for a company with a dedication to supporting disadvantaged demographics brings a special feeling.”

Harrison is motivated to “learn as much” as he can “during his apprenticeship and beyond” so he can become a confident, fully qualified technician – performing many different tasks and making an impact in the industry.