Indigenous Participation Program



In July 2017, the inaugural Honeywell Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) was launched. To drive the execution of our RAP, the Honeywell Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) Participation Program (IPP) was established. A business-funded committee structure was established to manage the program with two key roles; Chair and an IPP Leader. The IPP Leader role is specified for an Indigenous person.

The Program provides the foundations for the delivery of practical actions with an emphasis on Indigenous engagement, employment, procurement, cultural change and the building of partnerships to support increasing Indigenous Participation.

The Honeywell Early Careers program focuses on the delivery of a series of initiatives to support and increase our graduate entry, cadetship, internship, and traineeship program across all discipline areas of Honeywell. The IPP integrates with the ‘Early Careers program’ with a particular emphasis on achieving success in technical disciplines, the creation of career pathway plans and the ongoing retention and career development of Indigenous employees and the procurement services from Indigenous business that support our stated IPP outcomes.

Underpinning what has been developed and implemented since 2017 is Honeywell’s strong executive commitment to increasing Honeywell’s cultural capabilities and by doing so, increasing Indigenous participation and the building of a diverse and inclusive operational and project orientated workforce.

Honeywell’s RAP and Indigenous Participation Program supports the implementation of numerous initiatives that have been designed to build continued capacity and capability of the organisation and support the promotion of an inclusive and diverse working environment.

The success of our employment program is built upon how the initiatives are planned and coordinated to create a single platform that supports an Indigenous person to enter the engineering services industry – either from participating in any number of our sponsored engineering camps, as a Graduate entry candidate on one of our University supported programs, or as an Intern gaining experience undertaking a placement within one of the Honeywell teams. The key to our program success is how initiatives collectively create pathways for candidates – starting with early engagement with children interested in STEM subjects at school through to commencing employment after the completion of University studies. Honeywell recognise that success is not only based upon the quality of delivery of each single initiative, but also how initiates are linked together to enhance the overall experience obtained for Indigenous candidates.

Our Early Career actions include:

    • Scholarships:
      • Visit the Aurora Foundation website to read about our current scholarships, applications close on 4th March 2021.
      • In 2020 we provided 5 students with $2.5k scholarships via the Aurora Indigenous Scholarships portal which aims to increase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students’ access to financial support and resources.
    • Sponsorship for High school age camps:
      • IAES – Indigenous Australian Engineering Summer School – NSW, WA
      • VIEWS – Victorian Indigenous Engineering Winter School – VIC
      • EQUIP Gladstone – co-sponsorship with ConocoPhillips – QLD
    • Partnerships:
      • Clontarf Foundation
    • Recruitment: Actively seeking diverse candidates:
      • Connection with university societies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Meet our people

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