ADay in the Life

A Day in the Life

Jake St Mart

Graduate Sales Engineer at Honeywell

5.30 AM
The alarm goes off, I’ll hit the snooze button a couple of times before I get out of bed.

6.00 AM
Arrive at the gym for a 1-hour work out just to wake up and get me going for my day ahead. This is a great way to start my focus for the day and relieve any stress.

7.00 AM
Morning drive – Turn on the radio and listen to the news on the radio just to have an idea of what’s happening around the world. Since my work is closely aligned with the Government, this gives me an opportunity to be on the front foot if anything comes up during my day.

8.00 AM
Finally, make my way into the office after my Gym session. Usually, I bring my bag with me to use the ‘end of trip’ facilities at the office.

8.10 AM
Log on and grab my morning breakfast which is usually Greek Yoghurt and oats that I’ve prepped the night before otherwise if I’m lazy I’ll have some cornflakes! While having my breakfast, I typically read up on the newsfeed to understand what other opportunities the rest of Honeywell is working on. This is a great way to have visibility across the organisation and keep up to date with our new and exciting products and projects around the world – I might even spot some potential projects I can collaborate on.

8.20 AM
Plan my tasks for the day to ensure that my responsibilities have been completed for upcoming tenders. My role as part of the bid management support team is to ensure that I coordinate tasks accordingly between the teams in Melbourne and India. Considering the time-zone difference of 6+ hours allows us to be efficient with our time where during the day I complete the tasks that are critical to the development of the solution and as I head home, the team in India take over. Liaising between teams gives me a chance to really refine my stakeholder management skills.

8.30 AM
Quick casual meeting with the team to discuss what’s happening for the day and how to allocate our time to the different bids that are occurring concurrently. We usually share how we’re progressing with our bids and what type of innovating technology we’re including within our solutions. This is also a good time to discuss any road blockers we have with our solution and what others have done to overcome these issues.

9.00 AM
Now it’s time to prepare for a presentation to the Asia Pacific leadership team for 10:00am regarding a tender that is to be submitted in a couple of days. Working with the bid team and collaboratively with the project delivery team we ensure that we are prepared for any questions or concerns the leadership team has regarding the tender.

10.00 AM
First meeting of the day is a call with the Asia Pacific leadership team to discuss and provide an update for multi-million-dollar tender that is to be submitted to a leading Tier 1 builder. Before the final submission of the tender we require approval from the business to ensure that we have aligned ourselves in a competitive position. Interacting with leaders all over the world can be daunting at first, but once you go through a few of these you’ll get the hang of it! Awesome exposure too!

11.00 AM
Once we’ve wrapped up the presentation and everything looks positive from the leadership perspective, we start to plan our actions to get the bid ready and finalised for submission.

1.00 PM
Hop into the Uber and I’m off with an Account Manager to a client meeting to discuss a new project that we’re tendering for. We aim to arrive roughly 30 minutes before to ensure we have our strategy ready for our next meeting. Typically, during this time, we go through a rough agenda and identify the value proposition we can provide the client with our solution. We’ll need our design drawings this time around to show what we propose with our design.

1.30 PM
Off to the meeting with the client, over coffee we discuss the requirements and expectations of our solution that we are providing. Listening to the customer is the key to create a solution that is cost effective and ensuring we’re meeting the customer’s needs.

3.00 PM
Back in the office, I left my card at my desk but luckily on my phone, I’ve got one of our latest products from our Connected Services range the Honeywell Vector Occupant App. It’s basically a multi-functional app that allows me to gain access to my building instead of using my ID card!

3.30 PM
Today is ‘Honeywell Personal Development’ day! This is an opportunity to sit down with my manager to discuss how I am progressing with my development and ensure that I am on track for my next career move. I’m excited to become a Key Account Manager! Together we develop a strategy and solidify a learning plan to ensure that I refine appropriate key competencies in the coming months to contribute to my career progression.
We pick internal Honeywell courses that are appropriate and are aligned with my learning plan. Following, we review the goals that we’ve set during our last meeting. We identified that developing account plans was a major necessity for my next career move! Reviewing the draft account plan we identify areas and strategies that will account to contribute to further growth while helping the customer meet their own obligations.

4.30 PM
Time to kick off the weekly catch up with the account managers and business consultants. During this meeting, we review the market and identify any new projects or opportunities that are potentials within the industry. As a team, we provide an update on the progression of how our tenders are tracking and what innovative and value-engineered solutions we are proposing.

5.30 PM
Start wrapping my day and ticking off tasks within my to-do list! Now it’s time for a Skype meeting to the team in India to update them on my progress and ensure they’ve got all the information they need to continue.

6.30 PM
Finally, dinner and chance to relax and turn off after a long day.

8.00 PM
Start getting ready for bed and quickly look through my calendar for the next day just to have an idea of what’s ahead while watching a bit of Netflix.